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Fritz Hansen Milan Showroom Updated

While we are working hard to put the final touches on the new CMID blog behind the scenes, it has been instructive to look at old postings and wonder about the progress or changes that may have been made over time.  Measuring change is, we think, an important exercise in interior design as a means to draw inspiration from established style or assessing your own ideas against new and innovative thinking. It keeps you sharp.
Consider the contrast between the Republic of Fritz Hansen Milan Showroom circa 2013, which you can see here and its showroom at the Salone del Mobile 2015, the world's most important furniture fair in Milan, as shown.  The shift in style and presentation is quite stark. The contrast is illustrative as to how Fritz Hansen aims to promote ideas as to how to use its products by having settings that is, perhaps, easier for customers to visualise, and indeed understand. The warmer, more homely stage that stylist Christine Rudolph has designed for last year's Salone enables Fritz Hansen products - old and new -  to better perform in a way that highlights quality and, importantly, practical application.
Whereas the 2013 presentation was rather clinical in its form, the slightly dishevelled look of the 2015 incarnation speaks more about the design practicality of the products without detracting their style worth.
Let's be honest, the lived-in look of the presentation will be familiar to many and, we think, helps better explain the products.
The value of natural light cannot be underestimated in showcasing interior products. The 2015 presentation uses it with great effect, bringing the room to life.
The bikes, the books, the casually placed throw rugs are key supporting players to the main attraction of the presentation. The warmth, the personaility they add to each room only brings out the presence of the Fritz Hansen products.
This could have been a somewhat sterile view were it not for the shoes, which softens the visuals in a lovely way
An unmade bed - good heavens! And yet, it forms a critical centrepiece to showcase the surrounding products.
CMID does a lot of kitchen work and we admire this one for its simplicity, efficiency and openess. Intriguing splashback I might add. The colour pelette is striking and works really well in promoting the kitchen's role as an inviting focal point in any household.
Words by Craig Greaves.
Photographs via Fritz Hansen FB page.