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Stunning Anthropologie Window Dressing: the Old and the New


In keeping with the seasonal sentiment of remembering things past, let's return to one of our more popular posts.  Four years ago, we explored a variety of incredible summer window dressing at Anthropologie stores in the US.  The above image is taken from the original post, which can be found here.

Some readers might not be familiar with Anthropologie, a popular American company which features women's fashion, design, art, lifestyle products, and home furnishings.  I have visited a few of its US stores and can happily be identified as a fan not only of its products but also of its store designs. [Note: since my visits to Anthropologie in the US, they now ship to New Zealand. Check it out on this link here.]

Indeed, Anthropologie is highly regarded for the design strength of its visual merchandising, with  window dressing being a hallmark quality.  I believe it is a reputation well deserved.

Interior design and retail visual merchandising have much in common.  Both disciplines create focal points to draw the attention of anyone in a certain space and, importantly, to help people move through that space be it a store or a room in a house.  I once worked in visual merchandising for Country Road and my previous interior design experience certainly informed my VM work.

In this general spirit, it seems timely to revisit the Anthropologie windows across the US and see what they're offering during the current Christmas season.  Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of the post.

A (faux?) gingerbread car provides the window highlight at the Anthropologie store in South Windsor, Connecticut.   Note that the window dressing incorporates store product in a way that compliments the scene. 
Moving south, the store in Raleigh, North Carolina delivers on detail and tradition. 
The Princeton, New Jersey store window is cleverly constructed in a way that highlights both the apparel and the setting.
Moving to the West Coast, this beautiful Anthropologie window can be found in Portland, Oregon.  I am particularly drawn to the artful and carefully considered backdrops on display in this and many other store windows.  
This Chicago store front is wonderfully balanced, which I find very satisfying as an interior design.

Below is a short video that unwraps the work that goes into Anthropologie's festive window dressing. 

Words by Craig Greaves.
Photographs via Anthropologie.


Aren't they, Claudia?! 'Beautiful' is the right word for these windows - such great detail.

Thanks for your comment Nina - the fact you can appreciate these windows says you have a good eye!

Gorgeous! I know nothing about interior design but I appreciate the beauty of these displays :)