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Paddington Project by C+M Studio

The excellent Est magazine has unveiled an inspiring redesign of a Sydney terrace house.  This C+M Studio project successfully converted a small worker's cottage into a tranquil, minimalist and sophisticated residence.  This is yet further demonstration of marrying limited space with practical and stylish living.  It is a marriage that many modern urban dwellers aspire to and they would do well to take note of this high-quality project.

To round-off the redesign,  C+M Studio partnered with leading Australian furniture retailer,  Living Edge, along with artist Sebastian Goldspink, to create Paddington Project in which some displayed furniture and home wares are offered for sale.

This not the first time the Sydney-based C+M Studio has featured on this blog.  Regular readers may recall their Cross Street project, see here, where they filled the newly renovated Cross Street apartment,  with incredible artwork, furniture and home wares available for purchase.

A simple, clean and refined stairwell.
The almost clinical pairing of pale wood and white interiors lends lightness to the terraced house without any loss of warmth and comfort.
Abetted by a high ceiling and an open transition to a neatly orientated backyard, the careful use of interiors and restrained furniture makes the space appear more spacious.
It is worth noting the colour palette throughout the home is essentially reduced to white, pale wood, greys with shots of copper.  This appears to be in keeping with the style direction of  C+M Studio which focuses on pared back motifs and the use of natural materials.  In dressing up the small space, the constrained use of colour enables the house to look uncluttered and elegant.

Words by Craig Greaves.
Photographs by Caroline McCredie via C+M Studio.