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Herd Street Office, Wellington - 2016/17

Nowadays, it's a rarity that I get to collaborate with my architect sister, Amelia Minty. However, last year we had the occasion to do so when we worked together to develop an office on the Wellington waterfront. Located within the monastic Herd Street building overlooking the marina, the space originally held a restaurant. Our brief was to turn it into a versatile modern office space, absent the trappings of a corporate office. Our clients wanted the functionality of an office with the comforts of a home. This included a meeting room that easily converts into a sleeping space using a drop-down bed concealed behind a wall. It was important to the clients that their personal style was, in someway, reflected in the fit-out. For example, one of them is a deep sea diver so we used some of his underwater finds in the final touches - portholes adorn the walls, a partial propeller greets guests on arrival and ship's windows transformed into bathroom mirrors, among others scattered throughout the office. 

This project took ten months start to finish. It was a unique challenge and was incredibly satisfying to see the end results.

Photographs by Bonnie Beattie.

Photographs by Bonny Beattie.