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Ceramic Bird Feeders by Sophie Lemaire-Sicre

Nib Feeders by Sophie Lemaire-Sicre

During one of my regular visits to my friend, Vanessa Cohen's store, Magnolia Trading Company, on the corner of Tory and College Street, I came across these charming ceramic bird feeders. They are produced by the clever hands of Sophie Lemaire-Sicre who happens to work with Vanessa and is currently in her third year at Design School. The bird feeders - or Nib feeders as Sophie calls them - were a part of a design project that she presented for her degree programme last year. The brief was to design a vessel to be a part of a koha (a maori term meaning donation or contributionexhibition where by all of the pieces made were given away on the day.

It was a tricky assignment for Sophie as there was a certain focus of adding value to an object without the use of expensive materials. Sophie approached Wellington-based potter, Sue Dasler, to help fire the pieces for her. The Nib Feeders are created with a two part mould. This particular design is for smaller birds, like sparrows and finches. Sophie is in the process of making larger feeders with bottle for tuis and other more sizeable birds. Aside from their intended practical application, I think these are beautiful enough to stand alone as an objet d'art. You can contact Sophie on to find out more.

Photographs courtesy of Sophie Lemaire-Sicre.



It is very unique bird feeders I used to see wood old feeders this good for those who have birds in their house and passionate about the birds I used to make this type of things when I do course of crafting and use to make in this but this is some great creativity.