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Where We Stayed: Hotel DeBrett

Hotel DeBrett on the corner of High Street and Shortland Street, Auckland
Entrance to Hotel DeBrett via High Street next to the stylish Crane Brothers Tailors

Newly-minted (pun intended) husband and I recently decided to decamp Wellington post-wedding (and earthquakes) to seek out a nice boutique hotel to mark our entry into the tribe of the married. It was less of an official honeymoon – that will come later – rather a short honeymoon appetiser. Our search was guided not by the quality of the location, but rather the quality of the hotel.  Though we were not particularly spoilt for choice in unique boutique hotels across New Zealand, in the splendid Hotel DeBrett in downtown Auckland we found an option that truly spoilt us.

The famous DeBrett stripe carpet

There are many things to admire about Hotel DeBrett. For one, it is situated on the doorstep of a great inner city precinct, which includes the beautifully designed Britomart. Second, the well-maintained historical exterior is elegant among the surrounding buildings. And thirdly, the award-wining inspired interior characterised by the famous bold striped carpet is altogether quirky and stylish. For a small inner city hotel, it felt spacious and welcoming. We were lucky enough to have a corner 'superior' room with lovely natural light. Like all great hotels, it's the small things that really tip the balance - and Hotel DeBrett did this extremely well.

I would like to say a few words about the special and kind of service  that we received at the hotel, which deserves our gratitude. Crisis management is not often associated with a good hotel experience. But it certainly was on this occasion and it meant the world to us.  The crisis in question was my husband. Allow me to explain: on boarding our Wellington to Auckland flight, my husband kindly helped a fellow passenger store her luggage in the overhead locker and in the process he seriously damaged his already fragile back – thank you rugby!  He immediately fell into a considerable amount of pain. But on arrival at the hotel, the staff immediately sprang into action to quickly prepare our room before the usual check-in time, provide advice on medical care and generally go above and beyond to look after my invalid husband and his new wife/nurse. 

The amazing service we received and the fact that our room was a pure joy to spend time in went a long way to diminish the problem that we faced. We both agree that were it not for the fact that this hotel was an excellent and comforting experience, our mini-break away would have been dramatically soured. Crisis averted - thanks Hotel DeBrett! We now know that when we return to Auckland, this hotel will be our go-to. 

The original art deco style in the Housebar on the first floor
The complimentary Petit Dejeuner - delicious!

Photographs by Charlotte Minty.