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292 - Tidying up and Going Inside.

First load to the tip. Dad happy to pose.
Second load.
T&G interior doors delivered and waiting.
Exterior doors.

Dad and I took some time out from our offices this morning to do some tidying up at 292. Euan the builder is now inside and there were old doors, batts, timber and other rubbish to move out of the way. We took two trailer loads to the tip and the place is looking much tidier...for now.
Euan has been adjusting and fixing up the interior framing in the upstairs apartment. The few changes already makes such a difference to the overall space. I will take some photos later this week and show you.
There are also signs of the interior finishings trickling in with the interior doors and exterior doors all stacked up and waiting for installation.
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.