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Finding Images for Inspiration

A great bedroom inspiration from House to Home.
How about a traditional hallway?
Are you after a modern home office?
Or a rustic kitchen?

One thing that is important for a client to have when they meet their designer is images to show what they love, what they aspire to for the proposed design work. I know that I have occasionally tried to work with a client who hasn't shown me any images/ideas and it hasn't work as we'll be visualising completely different concepts. It's essential that the designer and client are on the same page - so in saying that, here is a great website with lots of inspirational images for you to choose from. It's called House to Home and it is a photo library/gallery of seven UK magazines - including Living Etc and Homes and Gardens. So if you're after some visual inspiration, check this out. There is every style possible in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, home offices and the list goes on. Photographs via House to Home.