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Cool Architect's Apartment in Berlin

Here is a great apartment in Berlin belonging to architects and partners, Christoph Roedig and Uli Schop. Photographer Laure Joliet recorded this apartment while visiting Berlin to take photographs of Roedig and Schop's work - see her '24 hours in Berlin' here. I like the eclectic mix of furnishings and arrangements which soften the stark concrete shell.





Photographs by Laure Joilet via At Home At Home.



HI, very nice one. Cold concrete walls but broken by fresh kitchen green color and red carpets as well as some other items :) The thing I don't like in it, is an open wardrobe in the hall, makes very mess in the apartment :) Thanks for sharing, great photos, Mat

I hear you and I have simplify my wordings (and be more cautious about it from here on). Thanks for your comments.

oh, it's not the punctuation.

i'm not sure that you can say you are 'enjoying the eclectic mix... etc etc'
is that using a verb as a noun? my grammar isn't flash either. i'm currently very grumpy about rugby people saying they 'are taking learnings' from games or losses.

anyway, it's my beef and language is constantly evolving. sigh.

I understand your comment about the grammar - I would normally say architect's apartment, but there are two architects living here so does that become architects' apartment?

i'm not liking poor grammar.

but i do like the cantilever stair treads. v cool.