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Pappelina Rugs

The new black and white stripe Pappelina rug now located at my front door.

Over the weekend I was gifted a fantastic present from a friend in thanks for assisting her during her recent house renovations.
This is a Pappelina rug from Sweden and it fits perfectly at my front door. Designed by Lina Rickardsson, Pappelina stands for high quality, simple and functional design. The rugs are woven in traditional techniques at a weaving mill in Dalarna, however instead of linen, cotton or wool, they are made with plastic and PVC. This rug is soft underfoot and does not slip. It is washable, reversible and durable. And Rickardsson's simple and graphic designs completes the package.



Photographs by Charlotte Minty.



This rug came from Magnolia, Wellington. I also see that there are some online stores that sell these and can deliver to NZ - worth checking this out. Best of luck. CM.

Where can i purchase these in NZ?