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Inspiration Profile - Simon Devitt

If you're a regular reader of New Zealand architecture and design magazines, there is a every chance you have come across the work of today's Inspiration Profile.
His name is Simon Devitt and he is a photographer of Architecture. Devitt's work has regularly featured in the likes of HOME New Zealand and Urbis magazines, as well as many other New Zealand and international publications. Enjoy this week's profile with its stunning photography and have a great weekend all.

Simon Devitt in Raglan. Photo: Roberta Thornley.


King County House by Mitchell & Stout Architects



Hill Golf Clubhouse, Arrowtown by Pattersons.



Name:Simon Devitt



What do you do: I am a photographer of Architecture. I’ve been a professional photographer since 1995.



Where do you live: Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand
What are you working on: My latest project is my first self published book, about the Athfield house in Wellington, ‘Portrait of a House’.
Athfield House, Wellington
Charlotte's House, Russell, Northland
Who/what inspires me: Lately - Roberta Thornley (artist), Werner Herzog (film maker), Saul Leiter (photographer), Michael Haneke (film maker) and Caroline Robinson (Sculptor).
I work best: Anytime
What I do when I’m stuck for inspiration: Garden, run or talk with Roberta Thornely
The best advice I have been given is: I haven’t been given many good answers in the form of advice but have been asked some very good questions. All contextual and relevant to what was happening at that time.
My latest discovery is: That I’m 40
Kuaotunu Beach House, Coromandel


Knoll Ridge Cafe, Whakapapa Skifield by HB Architecture.


Books that I get inspiration from: Anything by Bruce Weber
Magazines that inspire me: Casa Vogue, Acne Paper
Blogs that I enjoy: American suburb X
My favourite room at home is: Lounge. Its where my library is
My office is: Under the house, ze dungeon
What am I looking forward to: Launching my new book.

Thanks Simon. If you want to keep up to date with Simon's work and news - you can check out  his Facebook page and  website.

Left: Church in Kingsland.               Right: Singapore Treehouse by  Joseph Lim.


Shanghai, China

All photographs are by, and used with permission from, Simon Devitt unless stated.