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House Plants

Plants on display and as an art subject in this Melbourne apartment by Hecker Guthrie.

All of the sudden I am really into houseplants. Yeah, I know, being an interior designer, you think I would be into them ages ago. While I have always loved cut flowers and foliage, over the last few weeks houseplants have been taking the lead.
I have seen many great examples of  plants in interiors over the last year, with Melbourne design firm, Hecker Guthrie being my main inspiration as they do plants extremely well, and I think this has helped me get over my silly association that house plants were a little.. well, naff.
Now my view has definitely changed and within two weeks I have three new houseplants inhabiting my home. There is something about having greenery inside that is just lovely.

Here, in the home of Paul Hecker, the houseplants add colour and soften the neutral interior.
The stylish home of Simone Hagg where houseplants make an appearance in several rooms.
Meet my new plants - a Phalaenopsis orchid and a Button Fern.
A Maidenhair Fern

Please go to links for photo credits. The last three images by Charlotte Minty.