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Honiara, Solomon Islands

From Wellington to Heritage Park Hotel, Honiara

Last week I had the pleasure to leave my office in Wellington, hop onto a plane and venture aboard to my first international Honiara, the Solomon Islands of all places.
I am working on a private project which won't been seen here on the blog, however I am able to share the sights I saw over the few days I visited. I was lucky to be looked after by my clients and drive in an air conditioned car to my locations - Honiara has a tropical rain forest climate and it was 30 degrees each day I was there, a rather dramatic jump from 10 degrees that I left Wellington in!
Before my trip, my knowledge of Honiara was of political unrest and ethnic violence especially from the late 1990's onwards. While I was there,  you can sense some tension remains. Scars and debris from past conflicts and floods are also visible. However, there is promise to the town and I met some great people - expats and locals, who are passionate about the country and who made my stay a pleasurable one.


Photographs by Charlotte Minty.